The Malnad Technical Club, which was started to cope with the rapid growth of technology, has come a long way, seeding constructive ideas, encouraging students to explore the boundless technology.ENIGMA is one such initiative, which was started as an inter-college technical fest, even embedding a few national level events in it.

ENIGMA is a state-level technical fest which sets the scene for the students to showcase their talent and create an environment where fun and innovation go hand in hand.This provides an eloquent rostrum to flaunt their technical acumen, relieving them from their daily chore of academics and posing for a formal test to their completeness in their fields.

Around 15 events are conducted, which falls under three major domains

Design and build events

The most fascinating events come under Design and Build events such as Robokombat, Mystique Locomotor, Xtreme Machine, Trail Blazer where students design and build their own bots to perform the required action.

Online events

Online events comprise of Online quiz, MCE Dollars- A virtual stock market game, Factual Reel etc. where the participants submit their responses through social media.

Paper events

Paper events encompass Inquizitive, Ingenium, Play Bytes, Resonance etc.

Workshops and Shows

The Malnad Technical Club aims at providing atmost tools and stages to improve the overall technical growth of its fellow members.It not only models the fellow members of the club but also believes in enlightening college students on the varied evolvement in technology by conducting workshops.The club organizes a workshop every year on several trending technical subjects and encourages students to bury themselves into the depths and technicalities of those workshop .

The one event everyone craves to be a part of. This event has captivated audience for years due to it's visual spectacle and electrifying atmosphere, leaving them spellbound every year!