What We Do


Techsandhya is the technical newsletter of the college, published annually by The Malnad technical Club. It started in 2016 with the vision of providing an opportunity for tech-savvy students to put forth their ideas on a technical facet


Every year, the club members are divided into teams and develop projects to have a better comprehension of new age technology which helps cater to the needs of the current generation. It also encourages teamwork and explores the brilliant ideas in young minds.


ENIGMA is a state-level technical fest which sets the scene for the students to showcase their talent and create an environment where fun and innovation go hand in hand.This provides an eloquent rostrum to flaunt their technical acumen, relieving them from their daily chore of academics and posing for a formal test to their completeness in their fields.


Foundations is a district-level event organized by The Malnad Technical Club since the year of it's inception in 2009. Since then, it has seen successful addition of new events and has been influential in bringing talent and creativity together on a big stage.