The Malnad Technical Club dawned with the concept of serving as a hub for tech enthusiasts to explore their innovative ideas and projects. Every year, the club members are divided into teams and develop projects to have a better comprehension of new age technology which helps cater to the needs of the current generation. It also encourages teamwork and explores the brilliant ideas in young minds.

Fire fighter robot

The main aim of our project is to protect lives from such fire accidents and our firefighter robot is equipped with Arduino Uno microcontroller which acts as the brain and all the activities are under its control and a flame sensor is placed on the robot which act as infrared receiver and detect direction of fire and a water container to extinguish the fire.

Voice controlled robot

The voice commands are perceived using an android application that converts speech to text. This text is in the form of a string. It is then sent to Arduino via the Bluetooth module. We accept character by character from the serial buffer sent by the app and combine them to form a string. Then the code compares it to the command. If it matches, the command is carried out.

Automatic Garden Irrigation using Arduino

This project helps to water the plants at right time after checking the moisture level of the soil using a moisture sensor. It is based on the principle of measuring the dielectric permittivity of the surrounding medium. The sensor creates a voltage proportional to the water content of the soil. We can also notify the client to refill the tank and can monitor all the functions through a portable application.

Pick and Place Robot

These are designed by using SOLIDWORKERS18 software and fabricated by using 3D-printing technology,3D printed models are assembled with servo motors and connected with Arduino and Bluetooth modules. The gripper should be analyzed to calculate and stress and deformation that occurs, in which the structural analysis of the grippers using the finite element method is performed.

Hand gesture robot

An accelerometer-based robot using Arduino that uses hand gestures for navigation. It has military, industrial and domestic applications.Different gestures actuate different movements and hence the robot can be easily controlled.

Bluetooth controlled robot

It is a bluetooth based robot that can be controlled by a simple mobile application. It is programmed using Nodemcu microcontroller and the robot's movement is controlled using a mobile application which is a virtual joystick. It can be of great use in remote surveillance, military applications, home automation and other diverse fields.

Automated unmanned railway level crossing system

It is an Arduino based project which mainly deals with automatic railway gate operation. The ultimate goal of the automatic railway gate operation is to replace gates operated by man(gatekeepers)at a level crossing to an automated unmanned level crossing system. The project mostly has to do it with two things, firstly it deals with the reduction of time for which the gate is being kept closed and secondly it contributes to the safety of the road users by reducing accidents.

Self-balancing robot

The self-balancing robot is similar to an upside down pendulum. Similar is the case with a self-balancing robot, only that the robot will fall either forward or backward.Just like how we balance a stick on our finger, we balance the robot by driving its wheels in the direction in which it is falling. What we are trying to do here is to keep the center of gravity of the robot exactly above the pivot point.

Line follower robot

This project consists of a robot which follows a black line drawn on a plain white surface. Whenever power supply on robot is turned on, the robot starts following the line. This robot utilizes a array of infrared transmitters and receivers. Simple line follower robot can be built without micro-controller.

Grass cutting robot using Wi-Fi control

It is a futuristic robot used for cutting grass with precision. It uses Wi-Fi and is controlled by a mobile application. It facilitates and simplifies human work. We are placing a motor at the front of the robot, the motor is attached with the sharp blade for grass cutting. The robot wheel movement and direction is controlled by the mobile application.

Pedal operated cell phone charger

It is a manual pedal-powered charger that is handy and portable. It can used to charge a number of gadgets. This project is developed on the basis of movement of pedals in a cycle for charging, the linear energy is converted into circular energy with the help of rack and pinion gear system which allows us to harness basic electricity requirement. A simple but effective solution for electricity issues in remote forests and hill-stations.

Obstacle avoiding robot

An Arduino-controlled autonomous robot that senses and overcomes obstacles on it's path. This project finds its applications in the field of navigation, mining and many more. The robot is controlled by an ultrasonic sensor. Depending on the input signal received, the micro-controller redirects the robot to move in an alternate direction by actuating the motors which are interfaced to it through a motor driver.

Step climbing robot

It is a wired step climbing robot built using rocker-bogie mechanism ensuring locomotion over stairs. With basic knowledge of kinematics and motors an operational, yet economical, design is proffered. It can be developed into a step-climbing wheelchair. It can also be incorporated into a number of military, transportation and industrial applications..

Pedal powered water purifier

A pedal-powered water purification project is a water filtering apparatus which can filter water by using human muscle power via a pedal operated mechanismt.The system works on the sprocket chain system with a power generating dynamo along with a supporting frame structure. This system works on the basis of conversion of energy.The project is portable, efficient and also addresses the issue of power and fuel consumption in rural areas.