ENIGMA is an event evolved by “The Malnad Technical Club” to provide a robust platform for sharing knowledge, uplift learning communities to higher peeks and enhance the culture of professionalism in them. Enigma’14 provides a base for technical development and enhancement of technical knowledge of students. One can witness the gusto and zeal Enigma’14 brings to our college “The Malnad College of Engineering”. Technology is something which has seamless origin, knowing what exactly it is, has led to the debouch of a small glint called "The Malnad Technical Club" in our very own Malnad college of Engineering, Hassan. The Club aims to provide students a chance to reach the zenith of technical perfection and make a whole new army of inspired engineers. We would call it 'a new way to reveal your technical incognito'. The Malnad Technical Club has taken this initiative to push past the quotidian knowledge and to be the harbingers of change, enabling to implement their knowledge.

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